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GNOIS A Service Partner for St. Paul's School Beautification

     In 2013 Linda Trahan approached members of GNOIS about the campus beautification project that she has been leading at St. Paul’s School in Covington.  Linda specifically expressed interest in obtaining Louisiana irises to include in the broad mix of plants to be added to the 40 acre campus.  Her group, dubbed the Botanical Wolves after  the school mascot, seeks to accomplish goals broader than just beautification.

Planting Louisiana Irises at St. Paul's
At iris planting with Linda Trahan, from left, Cade Icamina, Connor Trahan, Trey Hughes, and Grant Hughes.

   Today, Linda is a GNOIS member and GNOIS is a Service Partner committed to continuing assistance in enriching the St. Paul’s campus with Louisiana iris species and historic and modern cultivars.  GNOIS is also committed to supporting the educational goals associated with a rich botanical environment and the involvement of students and faculty in the process of creating, maintaining, understanding and appreciating it.

     Linda best summarizes the broad objectives of the project:

Our goal is to not only enhance the beauty of St. Paul's campus, but to provide a lasting educational resource to both the school and the entire community while keeping conservation and preservation efforts in mind.

We plan to achieve our objectives through the planting of many different genera and species of plants, particularly native, heirloom, and less common varieties.  We hope to inspire the boys and all who visit our campus to respect, appreciate, and seek knowledge of the wonderfully diverse plants in God's creation.

     As a Service Partner, GNOIS members will help in locating and obtaining Louisiana irises of all types and with particular emphasis on covering a range that contributes to an understanding of their natural history, their discovery in the wild, and their evolution as modern garden plants.  Members will be available to provide technical assistance with all aspects of these irises and if needed will participate in educational activities involving them.

Cherry CupMarie Dolores Bellocq
Lightening Quick MudbugPraline Festival






Louisiana irises blooming in 2014, from upper left clockwise:   'Cherry Cup', 'Marie Dolores', 'Bellocq', 'Lightening Quick', 'Mudbug', and 'Praline Festival'.

The success of the St. Paul’s project will be an achievement consistent with the educational mission of GNOIS as well as St. Paul's School.  The campus will be enhanced as a resource of benefit to the entire community, enabling the public to see Louisiana irises displayed in a well planned and beautifully designed landscape.

    In short, GNOIS heartily endorses the goals of the St. Paul’s School beautification project.  We look forward to assisting in any manner at our disposal.

Pat's White Raised BedOur Parris
Arched Entryway Boys With Mums

Mums Around Live Oak at Founders CirclePlanting Lemon Tree

Blue ColumbineLaurette Jacob Gift
















Above, first row From left:  unregistered seedling called "Pat's White"; 'Indian Summer' Rudbekia, 'Florida Moonlight' caladiums and blue daze at Founders Circle; and Louisiana iris 'Our Parris'.  Second Row:  arched entryway to St. Pauls; boys with fall mums, from left ,Hayden Cautrado, Connor Trahan, Ruston Keller, and Cooper Cautrado.  Third Row:  mums around live oak at Founders Circle; and Connor Demerest planting lemon tree.   Fourth Row:  blue columbine and garden gift from artist Laurette Jacob.  All pictures by Linda Trahan.