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     In April, the Society For Louisiana Irises will hold its first national convention in New Orleans.  There is much to enjoy around the City, both botanical and otherwise. 

     New Orleans was a major site in Louisiana where native irises were once found in masses.  Development has eliminated the original stands except for some still found in the wetlands outside the City itself.  In the years since Hurricane Katrina, however, a major expansion of Louisiana iris plantings has occurred in public and private gardens. 

     New Orleans is once again a great place to see Louisiana irises.  The SLI Convention tour gardens will display a wide range of modern cultivars and an unsurpassed array of species forms and natural hybrids.  

     The links above will take you to complete information on the convention.   If you have questions or need more information, click on the contact link.  We will be glad to help you,  and by all means add yourself to our mailing list to receive updates.  

     The Society For Louisiana Irises and the Greater New Orleans Iris Society will welcome your visit in April.  We hope you come and enjoy the Convention, Louisiana irises, and New Orleans.


Elsworth Woodward Painting
ABOVE: An early 1900s painting of native irises in New Orleans by Ellsworth Woodward, the first professor of art at Newcomb College. Woodward often painted irises and frequently took students to the fields of natives that still existed before extensive development.