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Restoring Wild Iris Populations

What Once Was

The Species Preservation Project works at the micro level, focusing on saving and preserving individual species and unique forms of Louisiana irises that are in danger of disappearing. Restoration Projects, by contrast, are directed to establishing or restablishing the irises in the landscape.

Sometimes Restoration Project plantings occur in relatively small and contained but naturalistic areas. In other cases they aim to impact much larger, often wild areas. In most instances, the irises once grew in these places before the destruction of their environment by many causes, both natural and human, but other locations deemed appropriate to sustain the irises are also candidates for planting projects.

GNOIS works on an ongoing basis to rescue and propagate irises from endangered areas in order to create a pool of irises to draw upon when opportunities for Restoration Projects arise. Often the organization works in partnership with other non-profit organizations on these projects.

Click on the pictures below for a look at some of our Restoration efforts.

Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Big Branch Iris Bloom
Over several years the mangement of the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge has sponsored work to relocate Louisiana irises growing too near roadsides, placing them in wet areas and open marsh near the boardwalk off Boy Scout Road. GNOIS members helped organize this effort for the Refuge and worked with several non-profits and students from out of state to dig I. giganticaeruleas, place the irises in a temporary location, and later replant them in wetter conditions.
Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge  


Audubon Nature Center


Woodland Conservancy


St. Joseph's Abby    
City Stormwater Initiative    
Northlake Nature Center    
City Park Bioswale    
Joyce Wildlife Management Area    
Sculpture Garden Expansion    


Bonnet Carre' Spillway Recreation Area    
Iris Rescues    
Wetland Trace, Town of Jean Lafitte    

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve